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Social Services Assistance:

  • Goal setting and support

  • Assistance obtaining medical insurance, providers, and services

  • Connecting families to community resources

Social Servies Assistance

Medical and Dental Services:

Good health is essential and is the foundation for postivite outcomes.  Through collaborations with various medical and dental providers, Arkansas Early Learning is able to provide comprehensive health services to families enrolled in Head Start.  AEL works to educate, encourage, and assist parents/guardians in bringing their children up-to-date on immunizations, physical and dental exams as well as other basic health screenings that include hearing and vision tests.  Parents/guardians also are able to receive ser

Medical and dental services

Nutrition Assistance and Counseling

Arkansas Early Learning provides nutriton assistance and counseling services to families on an as-needed basis.  Our experienced staff have the resources to assist with referring families to Registered Dietician's to assist with food allergies, meal planning, rewards programs, coupons/savings at local grocery stores, food deliveries for the most vernuarble and annual parent classes during parent meetings that address topics such as eating healthy on a budget, understanding the price tag, making the most of WIC, preschool health & nutrition, MyPlate, picky eaters, the importance of physical activities, and much more!

Adult Education:

Arkansas Early Learning provides several opportunities throughout the year to enhance strengths of parents/guardians by providing educational sessions during monthly parent meetings on topics such as budget and planning, managing anger, managing stress, positive discipline, basic first aid, CPR, carseat safety, bath safety, self esteem for kids and much more!

Family Involvment/Parent Committees:

Arkansas Early Learning promotes parent/guardian, family and community involvement strategies to not only help support and enhance strengths and meet goals, but to participate in the decision making for the program and to be actively involved in their child's education and school activities.  AEL welcomes parent involvement by hosting activities throughout the year such as parent meetings, family fun day, fatherhood/male involvement activities, and other opportunities for fun and growth.  Parents/guardians are also encouraged  to join patent committees, Policy Council, and Advisory committees among other groups.  

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